The Super-Powers of Breast Care
By Sunny Andrew Markham, LMT

Sunny Markham, LMT

Sunny Markham, LMT and Breast Health Teacher

Healthy Breasts Don’t Get Cancer!
I’m a Breast Health Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician. I know the power of self care and I love helping women stay healthy and age gracefully. The statistics are shocking: 1 out of every 8 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year! My mission is showing women they do not have to be victims.

Yes you can! It is possible to naturally detoxify and revitalize your breasts! Why not exercise your personal Super-Powers? Practice breast care for healthy, beautiful breasts. You’ll NEVER regret reducing your risk!

How To Change Breast Cancer Statistics.
When a woman embraces the Super-Powers of Breast Care, she celebrates by passing the knowledge on to her daughters, mother, and friends.

Why Self-Breast Massage With Pomegranate Breast Oil?
•  Reduces Breast Cancer Risk  Pomegranates not only look like breasts, they are NATURE’S BREAST FRIEND! The Pomegranate Breast Oil delivers tremendous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superpowers right through the skin into the breast tissue. Pomegranate Peel is loaded with a substance called ellagic acid that has been scientifically studied to actually nurture stronger, healthier cells. These super cells kill abnormal ones! Self-Breast Massage with the Pomegranate Breast Oil detoxifies the breasts by activating the lymphatic flow that clears the stagnant wastes that have collected within the fatty breast tissue. The massage dislodges the toxic material and the lymph sweeps it from the breast tissue. Oxygen and nutrients required for healthy cell production can then be delivered to the tissue. The cells are protected with the antioxidants of the oil.
•  Tones and Firms Breasts, Reduces and Prevents Sagging by strengthening and revitalizing the Coopers ligaments within the breasts. (These are the ligaments that once the youthful shape and structure of our pre-baby, pre-nursing or otherwise younger breasts.)
Self Breast Massage also builds the underlying muscle that supports and holds them up!

•  Relieves Breast Pain and Fibrocysts by detoxifying breasts and re-nourishing the cells.
•  Helps Prevent Mastitis in Breastfeeding by clearing and cleansing clogged milk ducts.
•  Helps You Reclaim, Recover and Reconnect with Her Breasts after breastfeeding, surgery, trauma, illness, etc. by presenting the kind of self nurturing and that is 100% necessary for emotional and physical healing.
•  Helps You Feel Peaceful, Calm, and Relaxed by releasing serotonin and oxytocin. These are natural hormones that bring us happiness!
•  Reduces or Even Conquers Fear of Disease
•  Keeps the Skin Moist and Velvety Soft by bringing natural healing qualities that absorb deeply into the layers of the skin.

Preventative Breast Care is Inexpensive and Simple.
12 weeks of your preventative breast health practice costs less than a pedicure. Start by ordering your bottle today! I guarantee you’ll love it or your money back!

How Quickly Will You See Results?
The detoxifying begins immediately.
Within 2 weeks, you’ll likely notice your breasts getting firmer. Any tenderness and lumpiness you had will be well on its way to being gone. The “feel good” hormones are constantly being released, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with your breasts!

My Personal Breast Story
As a teen my breasts started getting fibrocystic lumps due to birth control pills and a poor diet. I gave birth to my daughter at age 23 and blissfully nursed her for 2 years. I’d always enjoyed the youthful shape of my breasts, but by age 45 I noticed with horror that they were starting to sag and deflate. They were withering like old birthday balloons!  My husband died that same year, and within 6 months of his death, I’d developed 2 of the largest, lumpiest lumps I’d ever had. Scarey as hell. So I rushed to the mammo clinic then to a doctor, who warned me that if the lumps weren’t gone within 2 weeks, he wanted to do a biopsy. I was terrified! I didn’t know a thing about breast massage then, but I knew I needed to change something. I changed my diet, cutting back on caffeine, sugar and red meat. I also received Reiki Energy treatments. I was 45 years old and finally paying attention to my breasts! As a result of just the simple change in diet and the attention, the lumps went away! I’ve learned a lot more since then, but I thank God for those lumpy-lumps. They were my wake-up call!

How I Discovered This Ayurvedic Breast Oil
As a massage therapist and skin care therapist, I had a great interest in the healing arts. I began my interest in Ayurveda, which is India’s ancient science of life that includes meditation, yoga, astrology, and Spiritual philosophy as well as an entire medical system based on powerful herbal medicines. In 2005, a teacher introduced me to the wondrous “Pomegranate Breast Toner” of India that had been used for centuries by the women there for keeping their breasts healthy and youthful. It was an Ayurvedic oil made just for breasts that was created by brewing the herbal ingredients together in a specific way to bring out their greatest healing properties. Ayurveda taught me the importance of self-massaging my breasts with this oil, so that the healing properties of the oil plus the stimulating of breast tissue and its underlying muscle resulted in natural breast rejuvenation. In less than two weeks after I started my practice, I was amazed to see my breasts getting firmer and rounder! The lumpiness I’d always had was disappearing! I suddenly recognized my purpose, as well. I wanted to bring this amazing Ayurvedic breast massage oil to other women. I became trained in the traditional method of brewing this oil, created my company, and started my mission of helping other women.

What Makes this Oil So Effective?
Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil is unlike typical massage oils. It is not simply a cold-pressed oil. It is an authentic Ayurvedic oil, or thailam, from India that is made in a very specific way from natural, powerful medicinal herbs. The main ingredients are Certified Organic Pomegranate Peel and Certified Organic Mustard Seed Oil. Pomegranate Peel is one of the world’s greatest natural medicines. It is anti-inflammatory and contains anti-oxidants that are cell-protecting, astringent, and toning.  It has been scientifically shown to be anti-carcinogenic due to its abundance in ellagic acid, a substance known to stop cancer cell division and hinder DNA mutations in cells. Certified Organic Mustard Seed oil improves blood circulation and muscular strength. It is also anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.

How Do I Make It?
I make the oil the traditional way the Ayurvedic oils are made in India. It’s quite a labor of love. The Pomegranate Peel and Mustard Seed Oil are literally brewed together over an outside fire for several days, and stirred every half hour or so. After the brewing is done, I apply a highly therapeutic, deeply delightful blend of pure essential oils. If you prefer not to have the essential oils in your bottle, just select “without essential oils” when you order.

You Might Also Like To Know…..
THERE ARE NO CHEMICALS OR PRESERVATIVES OF ANY KIND IN MY OIL. The shelf life of Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil is approximately 3 year
s. It is elegantly labeled and comes in a 2 ounce amber glass bottle with a treatment pump. Use it as I recommend, along with a healthy lifestyle and wholesome foods, and you’ll get the highest benefits possible for you. One bottle holds about a 12 week supply of oil and comes with a beautiful little guide that shows you step-by-step how to self-massage your breasts.

To Your Shining Health and Beauty,
Sunny Andrew Markham
Licensed Massage Therapist and Breast Health Teacher

Founder, Austin Center for Healthy, Beautiful Breasts